Disclosure and Authorization (Scherzer)
Based on Instructions of Consumer

This is our form for those applying for a position in all states excluding California and New York.
For those applying for a position in California, please click here.
For those applying for a position in New York, please click here.
For all other states, please complete both steps below.

1. Review Documents, Complete Forms and Sign

Included below are the following documents:

  • Disclosure for Consumer Report (evergreen) with or without credit
  • Authorization for Consumer Report (evergreen) with or without credit
  • Minnesota Notice Regarding Consumer Report
  • Oklahoma Notice Regarding Consumer Report
  • Notice Regarding Credit Report (CO, CT, MD, OR, VT, WA)
  • Summary of Consumer Rights

Additionally, you can review a copy of your rights according to the FCRA here.

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If you do not reside in the United States, you may need to fill out a different form. Please contact our marketing department at marketing@scherzer.com.

2. Authenticate

For your security, once you submit the form, you will receive an email at the address you provided with a link you must click to authenticate the signed form. It will not be released for review by Scherzer International until this step is complete. If you do not immediately receive the authentication email, please check your spam folder or quarantine service for an email from the following address: documents@RightSignature.com.