As part of its standard risk management program, our client requested background investigations of two individuals in connection with an engagement continuation. SI had conducted investigations of these subjects three years prior when our client initially began its consulting engagement with them. No negative information was located in the previous investigations; however, our client quickly learned the value of conducting periodic updates.

    The new investigation revealed recently filed federal indictments charging both subjects with aiding and abetting in the evasion of taxes owed on their salaries between 2006 and 2008, amounting to more than $450,000 each. The government also charged that subject #1 directed his wife to evade income taxes on her salary between 2004 and 2007 by claiming as many as 99 exemptions on her W-4. Additionally, searches of the State Real Estate Board disclosed a pending disciplinary action against subject #2 for “misstating a material fact” that “included fraud.” Both subjects had filed personal Chapter 7 bankruptcies in December 2008 and had been named as debtors in multiple judgments and tax liens for amounts ranging from $35,000 to $2,300,000. The subjects had begun their start-up company three years earlier with clean records, but in short-order they had become a liability to our client.